Affordable Housing Energy Solutions

Energy-Efficient Comfort For Your Home

In partnership with the Ministry of Seniors and Housing, Energy Efficiency Alberta is now offering the Affordable Housing Energy Solutions program to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy use and increase comfort for those living in affordable housing.

Alberta’s affordable housing system contains over 36,000 housing units, supporting over 75,000 Albertans with low incomes, including seniors.

Energy Star® refrigerators, LED lights, high-efficiency shower heads and other products will be upgraded in selected homes. Energy-efficient upgrades are also being made to common and exterior areas, including in hallways and parking lots.

Affordable housing units with the greatest energy-saving opportunities have been selected to participate in this program. Selection criteria include the age of the building, the potential energy savings and installation cost.

Program Goals:

  • Reduced energy use
  • Lower utility costs for affordable housing providers and tenants
  • Increase comfort for residents
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Enhanced safety through improved lighting
  • Increased environmental and financial sustainability

Information for Participating Tenants

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a low income but I don’t live in affordable housing? Do I qualify for this program?

Currently, the program includes only affordable housing units managed by housing management bodies. We have other programs to help Albertans save money and energy. Please visit the website for details and updates on future programs.

Can I apply to participate in this program?

Applications aren’t being accepted for this program. Seniors and Housing and Energy Efficiency Alberta have selected units to receive installations, based on specific criteria, including the age of the building, the potential energy savings and installation cost.