Bringing ‘Comfort and Joy’ to the Children’s Cottage this holiday season

This holiday season, Energy Efficiency Alberta employees and partners visited the Children’s Cottage Society to spread Comfort and Joy.

Located in Calgary, the Children’s Cottage Society provides up to 72 hours of loving care to children under eight years old while families resolve important issues like stress or exhaustion, physical or emotional un-wellness, financial struggles and more. Their 14 beds provide a safe and caring home for children each night.

To make their holiday season a little bit brighter, Energy Efficiency Alberta employees and partners installed energy-efficient products at the Children’s Cottage Crisis Nursery including low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, LED exit sign bulbs, LEDs and smart power bars. With these improvements, the Crisis Nursery will save money on energy costs – money that can be used to provide additional resources for the children and families at the facility.

Employees also donated items from the Children’s Cottage Wish List to leave behind for the children and their families. You can help bring Comfort and Joy to the Children’s Cottage Society by making a donation at