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Products must meet the Canadian Certification Standards as outlined by the Standards Council Canada for product approval, or equivalent certification by an applicable Certification body such as ULc, ETLc, CSA, etc. Click here for additional information regarding product approvals and certification bodies.

Lighting | Exterior Control Measures

Exterior occupancy sensors

  • Exterior occupancy sensors meeting the following criteria:
    • Must control a minimum of 45W of load (after retrofit project)
  • Not eligible: sensors with “manual on override” that can disable the automatic off feature
  • Must provide specification sheet(s) with application



The requirements described in the Technical Specification section are solely to meet the rebate requirements for the BNI program. They do NOT overrule or supersede in any way the permitting regulations, municipal, provincial or federal codes, standards, and any other relevant Acts currently in force. The technical specifications described in this program are meant to be the minimum required by the program to obtain rebates. Where the appropriate Authority Having Jurisdictions (“AHJs”) require a higher standard be in place, the person/company performing the work must follow the AHJ’s requirements. It is the responsibility of the person/company performing the work to know and follow codes, standards, and regulations.