Non-Profit Energy Efficiency Transition program

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Energy Efficiency Alberta is helping non-profit and volunteer organizations save money and energy by offering direct installations of energy-efficient products at no charge through the Non-Profit Energy Efficiency Transition Program (NEET).

Installations will start with organizations that have already completed an energy-efficiency audit through this program.

Non-profit organizations interested in participating can submit an Expression of Interest.

Why are we offering this program?

The NEET Program launched in January 2017 and was initially designed to help Alberta non-profit and volunteer organizations save money through $3 million in grants to complete energy-efficiency audits.

The program garnered high interest with more than 200 audits completed or in progress. Many non-profit organizations that received an audit reported that they wanted to complete the equipment upgrades, but lacked the funds, expertise or time.

Energy Efficiency Alberta listened to this feedback and has expanded the program to include no-cost direct installations of energy-efficient products, helping non-profits save money and energy, while making their facilities more comfortable.

How Does It Work?

For New Applicants:

Energy Efficiency Alberta is offering direct installations of basic energy efficiency upgrades to eligible non-profit and volunteer-based organizations at no charge.

In addition to the no-charge upgrades, new applicants will also receive an on-site energy efficiency review to identify other energy-saving opportunities that may be eligible for incentives under other Energy Efficiency Alberta programs. Interested organizations are encouraged to apply by submitting an Expression of Interest. Energy Efficiency Alberta will contact you to explain the required next steps. Learn more about eligibility. (Note: Submitting an Expression of Interest does not guarantee participation.)

For Existing NEET Participants:

Organizations that have already completed a Detailed Energy Assessment and Energy Management Plan through the NEET program have automatically been enrolled for the no-charge direct installation of basic energy-efficiency upgrades. If you have not yet been contacted by Energy Efficiency Alberta by email, please contact us at

What Products Are Being Installed?

Installed products will include, but are not limited to, smart thermostats, duct and pipe insulation, door seals, water-saving devices, lights and timers. Other basic energy-efficiency products may be installed, depending on the unique needs of the organization. Learn more about the warranty of the products.

We encourage non-profit organizations to also participate in Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Business Energy Savings Program for incentives on high-efficiency products and equipment.


Please contact us at or 1-844-357-5604.

Ready to Get Started?

Interested non-profits are invited to submit the NEET Expression of Interest.