Businesses and organizations can now get in on the savings

Our next program is here! Yesterday, we launched our Business, Non-Profit and Institutional Energy Savings Program. Our first set of programs found ways to serve Alberta residents, and this program aims to support and build Alberta’s backbone, our businesses and organizations—large and small.

The Business, Non-Profit and Institutional Program offers incentives to encourage organizations in Alberta to choose high-efficiency products. It’s pretty easy—install approved high-efficiency heating or lighting products in your building, apply for a rebate, wait for approval, get a cheque! For program eligibility, products, and processes see our program page and our recent blog post.

This program is set up to make it easier for organizations to replace out-dated and inefficient equipment, but it also plays a particularly important role in the development of Alberta’s energy efficiency services industry. Projections for this program say that over 270 full time jobs can come directly from it, and Albertans will save over $30 million on utility bills over the life of the program.

Energy efficiency is a low-cost energy source. The efficient use of existing electricity and natural gas resources reduces waste and increases productivity. And, with investments in energy efficiency, we’ll see industries that support it start to grow. We’re already seeing businesses and contractors focus on delivering smart, economical energy efficiency services. This program will help to kick start a sustainable demand for energy efficiency services, and—based on the popularity of our other programs so far—Albertans are interested.

The businesses satisfying the demand for energy efficiency services are key partners in this, and today we’re focussed on working with and educating contractors throughout the province to help deliver this program. Contractors, distributors and manufacturers are invited to partner with Energy Efficiency Alberta on this project to help facility owners understand how to save energy and reduce costs. We’ve set up in person and online information sessions across the province. If that’s you or someone you know, please see our program page for details.

And last, but not least, this program is going to save us energy. We’re expected to save 70,000 GJ of energy in the first year of this program—equivalent to the yearly electricity consumption of 2,700 Alberta households.


70,000 Gigajoules equals the yearly electricity consumption for 2,700 Alberta households.