Community Generation Capacity Building Program

Supporting participation in the renewable and alternative energy market through Community Generation projects

Applications for Community Generation Capacity Building are now closed. Successful applicants will be notified via e-mail in March 2019. 

Learn more about the projects our 2018 CECB grant recipients are working on.

Community groups across the province have an opportunity to play a prominent role in supporting Alberta’s energy transition by developing their own renewable energy projects. These projects will enable Albertans to directly access and share the benefits of community-scale renewable energy generation.

To support the development of these projects, Energy Efficiency Alberta and the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC) have partnered to launch the Community Generation Capacity Building (CGCB) Program. The purpose of this program is to provide funding for projects with activities focused on the pre-development of a specific community generation facility or enabling the development of community generation projects through partnerships and tools.

Program Guide

Learn more about Community Generation Capacity Building in Alberta.

Eligible Participants

All community groups as defined in the Small Scale Generation Regulation are eligible to apply to this program. A full list of eligible community groups are provided in the Program Guide. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the types of organizations who should consider applying:

  • Condo boards
  • Co-operative organizations
  • Industry associations
  • Irrigation districts
  • Indigenous communities or organizations
  • Municipalities
  • Not-for-profit corporations
  • Post-secondary educational institutions
  • Registered charities
  • Rural utilities
  • School boards

Eligible Projects

The CGCB Program will fund the following project types that build capacity within a community organization, or the province, or which will contribute to the development of a specific community generation facility. Capital costs such as the purchase of equipment or construction of a community generation facility are not eligible for this program. The grant review committee can deem any activity ineligible at their discretion. Applications must identify which project type is being proposed based on the following three categories. If your project spans activities that include both Type 1 and Type 2 please clearly identify this in the application form.

Type 1: Technical development activities

Projects that are undertaking the following activity types: feasibility assessments, land use agreements, financial assessments, stakeholder engagement, environmental assessments, wildlife studies, drainage studies, hydrological studies, wage subsidies for a project manager or any other undertaking required in the pre-development stage of a specific community generation facility. Community generation projects must be renewable or alternative energy generation and meet the definition of a Community Generation facility as per the Small Scale Generation Regulation.

Type 2: Partnership development activities

Projects that are undertaking activities that will support partnerships required for the development of a community generation facility. This can include: legal services, financial analysis, community benefit agreement or community benefit statement support, or any other expense required to establish partnerships. Community generation projects must be renewable or alternative energy generation and meet the definition of a Community Generation facility as per the Regulation.

Type 3: Development of tools and training

Projects that undertake the development of a tool that can be leveraged by the community generation industry and will be publicly available. These tools must support the advancement of community generation facilities or the renewable energy industry in the Province of Alberta.

Examples of tools:

  • Financial modelling tools
  • Technical modelling tools
  • Guides to developing community generation projects

Projects that invest in skills training for Albertans specific to the development of future community generation projects. These projects must result in the increase in technical capacity and knowledge in community generation in the province.

Examples of training:

  • Developing a curriculum for training programs
  • Developing specific training programs that will be available to all Albertans.

Application deadline

Funding will be awarded following the receipt and evaluation of all applications received on or before February 22, 2019, by 5:00 pm (MST) via e-mail at

Evaluation criteria can be found here.

Assessment Process

Successful applicants will be notified of the decision via e-mail. Funding will be provided following the decision. Successful applicants will be required to sign either a Participant Agreement with the MCCAC or a Grant Agreement with Energy Efficiency Alberta (as applicable) prior to receiving funding. The MCCAC draft agreement can be found here. The Energy Efficiency Alberta draft agreement can be found here.

How to apply

  1. Download the application form here.
  2. Submit the application form along with all supporting documents, if any, to by February 22, 2019, 5 pm MT.  Please use the email subject line “CGCB Application – (Community/Organization Name)”.

Funding levels

For projects seeking funding equal to or greater than $200,000, it is required that the recipient organization contribute a minimum of ten per cent of in-kind contributions or funds toward the total project budget. For example:

  • Total project budget: $250,000
  • Total required in-kind contributions: $25,000
  • Maximum grant allocation: $225,000

Organizations who participated in the 2018 Community Energy Capacity Building (CECB) Program may apply, for the purpose of extending their project. Maximum funding for any single project is $500,000.

Webinar Information

Our last webinar was completed on February 8, 2019. Please find a recording of our webinar here.

Please find Webinar slides here.

During these sessions, we will share:

  • Overview of the Community Generation Capacity Building program
  • Overview of the Small-Scale Generation Regulation
  • Program eligibility information
  • Program application process

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