Energy Efficiency Education Grant Program

Supporting communities to build energy efficiency literacy

Communities are not just the places in which we live. Communities are also the groups of people that we gather with to share interests, passions, or purpose. We want to support the diverse communities in Alberta to engage in energy efficient actions in the places they work, live and play. The foundation of energy efficient actions is the understanding of how best to be energy efficient in those spaces.

Organizations are eligible to receive funding to help Albertans build awareness, skills and capacity to take action on energy efficiency and renewable energy. For a project to be eligible, it should create a measurable impact and align with one or more of the following program objectives:

  • Leverage education related to enhancing energy efficiency
  • Build capacity in communities to deliver GHG reductions
  • Reduce GHG emissions in a measurable way that leverages learning

Energy Efficiency Alberta and Alberta Ecotrust

Energy Efficiency Alberta and Alberta Ecotrust are working together to administer the grant selection process. Part of Alberta Ecotrust’s mission is to build capacity in other non-profit organizations seeking grant funding. Through our partnership, they will deliver application coaching and debriefing to all applicants. We encourage all applicants to reach out to Alberta Ecotrust with questions about the Energy Efficiency Education Grant Program.

The Program

Eligible Organizations

The following organizations should consider applying:

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Registered charities
  • Co-operative organizations
  • Community associations
  • Education institutions (K-12)
  • Educational groups or clubs (e.g. school clubs)
  • Post-secondary education institutions
  • Municipalities
  • Indigenous communities or organizations

We encourage partnerships. Applications must be a single proposal, with partners listed under the Project Personnel section. Partners may be for-profits organizations, though the application must be submitted by an eligible organization.

Eligible Activities

Some examples of projects we would fund include:

  • Education focused on the fundamentals of energy efficiency and/or renewable energy.
  • Experiential, innovative activities or interactive learning tools that drive increased energy efficiency action.
  • Awareness and monitoring of energy efficiency for buildings; includes technology, like meters, that facilitates learning.
  • Training energy efficiency champions.
  • Capacity building or technical training within or for use by businesses or organizations.
  • Development of curriculum tied energy efficiency.
  • Curriculum audit for energy efficiency and renewable energy content.

Be creative! We want to see education programs that drive energy efficiency actions!

How to Apply

Step 1: Fill out the application package.

Step 2: Apply.

Return the completed application form and additional documents to by 11:59 PM (MST), December 31, 2018. Please use the subject line “Grant Application – (Community/Organization Name)”.

Application Checklist

  • You have read the program guidelines
  • You have contacted Alberta Ecotrust to discuss your project
  • Your project addresses the program objectives
  • Your organization is eligible to apply
  • You have networked with those that are doing similar work to explore opportunities to collaborate
  • You have reviewed our criteria and reviewed the Application Scorecard
  • You have selected a short, simple and descriptive title for the project that makes sense to others
  • Your purpose is clear and the proposal is free of jargon, abbreviations, etc.
  • You have ensured that all calculations in your budget template are accurate and clearly identify all current and potential funding sources and expenses

After you apply

Applicants will be notified of the decision via e-mail by early March 2019. Funding will be provided following the decision.

Funding levels

Projects will be funded to a maximum amount of $125,000.

Join Us at an Information Session

We are inviting community organizations to join us and Alberta Ecotrust to learn more about the program. We will be holding two online information sessions to explain more about the program.

Take a look at our webinar from Nov 21st here.

During these sessions, we will share:

  • Introduction to the grant program
  • The intent of the grants
  • Program eligibility information
  • Program application process
  • Guidance on the kind of projects that can be funded under this program

We will answer questions during the webinar. Program representatives will also answer questions received at