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Custom Energy Solutions helps Alberta facilities improve productivity, save energy and save money by upgrading inefficient equipment and making other energy improvements. Knowing that there’s rarely a one-size-fits-all answer to improving energy use and efficiency in your facility, we’ll work directly with you to identify your specific goals and needs. We offer end-to-end support and incentives to identify and implement enhancements designed to deliver the best results for your facility. Learn more.

Who is eligible?

Industrial, institutional, and commercial customers with facilities operating within the Province of Alberta. Facilities defined as Large Final Emitters or customers or facilities that have opted into the Carbon Competitiveness Incentive Regulation are not eligible. There is no minimum threshold for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions but those facilities emitting 10,000 tonnes or more of greenhouse gases annually will be eligible for higher incentives for certain offers.

We work closely with the following facility types, helping you move forward with your energy efficiency retrofit projects:

Learn about eligibility criteria, including how to calculate your facility’s annual emissions.

Try out our GHG Emissions Calculator to estimate your facility’s annual greenhouse gas emissions and our Simple Payback Calculator.

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Prior to starting your application, read more about the customer journey, as well as self-registration and enrollment.

Learn about the application requirements and pre-approval completion.

You’ve got options

There are a variety of ways to participate depending on your needs. We’ll help you to find the ideal fit. Below is a small sampling of what we offer.

Implementation Incentives for Custom Projects

Do you already know where you want to invest and what the energy reductions will be? We offer incentives for a wide range of energy upgrades that you can package to meet your facility needs, and that can reduce your operating costs, improve the comfort and performance of your facilities, and deliver a healthy, near-term return on investment. Eligible upgrades include:

Individual facilities with over 10,000 tonnes of annual GHG emissions are eligible for incentives up to $1 million per year and parent facilities implementing Custom Energy Solutions projects in multiple facilities are eligible for incentives up to $2 million per year. Facilities with less than 10,000 tonnes are eligible for incentives up to $250,000 per year for individual facilities and $500,000 per year for parent facilities.

While we are looking to support broad participation from all industries in Alberta, incentives will be distributed on a first come, first served basis for eligible customers that meet conditions for participation.

Prescriptive measures are not eligible for funding under the Custom Energy Solutions program.

Find out more about available custom project implementation incentives.

Learn more about custom project implementation incentive terms and conditions. Read the Participant Milestone Documentation Guidance to better understand each step of the process and to see how milestone payments work, and the Milestone Payment Request Form which outlines the requirements for payment requests.

Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Program for Large Final Emitters* 

Strategic Energy Management Program for Large Final Emitters was developed specifically for large facilities that have complex energy management needs. Develop an integrated energy strategy for your organization through mentorship and peer support. Receive tools, coaching, structure and resources necessary to implement strategic energy management through operations and maintenance changes and employee engagement. 

*Large final emitters are facilities that are Regulated Facilities and produce more than 100,000 tonnes of CO2 annually or facilities that have opted into Alberta’s current Carbon Competitiveness Incentive Regulation. 

Find out more about Strategic Energy Management for Large Final Emitters.

Simplified Custom Measures

Incentives cover up to 50 per cent of the costs.  

For quick-turn measures that require less upfront documentation, check out our Simplified Custom Measures. Find out more about Simplified Custom Measures.

Methane Emissions Reduction

Incentives cover Methane Emissions Reduction Baseline Opportunity Assessments (BOAs) and leak detection and repair (LDAR), Direct to Capital (DTC) studies to identify and quantify MER eligible capital projects, and Direct to Capital (DTC) Projects that implement capital-based projects that reduce methane emissions and associated CO2e.

Find out more about Methane Emissions Reduction.

Incentives to support your investment decision and improve ongoing operations

Scoping audit

Incentives cover up to 100 per cent of costs.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, a scoping audit is a great first step. The audit pinpoints energy-saving opportunities in your facility and outlines potential upgrades, available incentives and estimated savings.

Find out more about scoping audits.

Engineering studies

Incentives cover up to 100 per cent of costs.

Skilled technical staff use a suite of tools and calculators to take a deep look at the larger, more comprehensive projects. You’ll get a clear, detailed view of the long-term benefits and your return on investment.

Find out more about engineering studies.

Retro- and Re-commissioning Investigations

Incentives cover up to 100 per cent of retro- and re-commissioning investigation costs. 

Retro- and re-commissioning (RCx) investigations makes it easier to improve the efficiency of existing equipment, lower maintenance costs and implement further improvements over time.

Find out more about RCx investigations.

Read the guidelines for scoping audits, engineering studies and RCx investigations and terms and conditions

Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Cohort Program

Develop an integrated energy strategy for your organization through mentorship and peer support. SEM provides the tools, coaching, structure and resources necessary to implement strategic energy management through operations and maintenance changes and employee engagement.

Please note, many cohorts in this program are now at capacity and waitlists have been established.

Please email for more information and program availability.

Find out more about Strategic Energy Management

On-site energy manager

Incentives cover up to 90 per cent of on-site manager’s first-year salary.

An on-site energy manager can identify energy-savings projects, support decision-making for multiple facility improvements and ensure continued optimization in your facilities. Your organization will benefit from the continual focus of a fully trained and supported resource within your operation.

Please note, this program is now at capacity and a waitlist has been established. Please email for more information.

Find out more about on-site energy managers.

On site-energy manager terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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Custom Energy Solutions benefits your industrial, institutional and commercial facilities.

  • Improved facility operations and efficiency of common systems
  • Boost productivity, performance, and comfort
  • Reduce energy use or waste
  • Update old or inefficient equipment
  • Identify opportunities for future improvement