What is the Efficiency Professionals Network (E Pro Network)?

Members of this network are the product and service providers that are pre-qualified to deliver projects eligible for Energy Efficiency Alberta incentives and financial programs. This made-in-Alberta network provides you with access to resources to help build your business, insight into program launches and updates, educational/training incentives and opportunities to network, build relationships and recognize excellence and industry best practices.

Who can be a member of the Efficiency Professionals Network?

If you work in the residential, commercial or industrial energy efficiency or renewable energy sectors and identify your profession under one of the following categories:  

  • Designer and Specifier (Engineer, Recommissioning Agent) 
  • Energy Auditor/Advisor (Engineer, Commercial/Industrial, Residential)   
  • Supply Chain (Distributor, Channel Partner, Retailer) 
  • Installation and Service Contractor (Solar PV, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Lighting, Building Shell [roofing, insulation, windows, dedicated air sealer]) 
  • Appliance Retirement/Installation  
  • General Contractor (Remodel/Retrofit) 


*Program specific eligibility criteria may apply.

I reviewed the list above; however, I am still unsure where my company fits?

Please contact epro@efficiencyalberta.ca and we’ll help you complete your application. 

How do I become an Efficiency Professionals Network member?

If you are a residential, commercial or industrial energy efficiency or renewable energy professional who has not participated in an Energy Efficiency Alberta program, simply complete the form found at www.efficiencyalberta.ca/epro and submit the required information to evaluate your eligibility

What if I have already participated in an Energy Efficiency Alberta programs?

If you have already participated in an Energy Efficiency Alberta program you are currently a part of this growing network. Please contact epro@efficiencyalberta.ca if you’re unsure of your status or if you have any questions.

Does it cost anything to be an E Pro Network member?

Joining the network is free. The network is designed to provide you with the support you need to strengthen your business. We want to ensure resources are accessible and easy to understand.  

What do I get out of being an E Pro Network member?

1. Access: You’ll receive access to resources that will help build your business, including 

Emailable and printable customer-facing materials to help sell incentive programs 

Access to training opportunities: You will be pre-qualified to deliver projects eligible for Energy Efficiency Alberta incentives and financing programs, subject to program specific eligibility requirements

2. Exclusivity: Be the first to know about new information or events; access exclusive incentives. 

3. Network: Network with other energy efficiency and renewable energy professionals; create and develop business relationships.  

4. Recognition: Have your voice heard as an industry leader.  

5. Community: Belong to a group with common goals, including the growth of the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries.

We will be working collaboratively with members of the E Pro Network and other industry professionals to develop additional resources, initiatives and opportunities to further enhance the network. If you have any feedback please email us at epro@efficiencyalberta.ca 

What if I have more questions about the Efficiency Professionals Network?

Please contact epro@efficiencyalberta.ca. 

Is there a directory of existing members?

Yes. Please see the following member directories: 

Residential Contractors 

Custom Energy Solutions Program Allies 

Solar Installers 

Residential Energy Advisors 

A comprehensive directory of all E Pro Network members will be developed by the end of 2019.  

When does Energy Efficiency Alberta host network events?

Energy Efficiency Alberta plans to host several events a year throughout Alberta. Watch for future dates in the newsletter, on our website and on social media.