Energy Efficiency 101

What does it mean to be energy efficient?

Energy efficiency is a way to manage the costs of the energy we need to use every day. It’s being practical about how we power our lives, and the financial benefits we reap when we do. The smarter we are about using energy, the more money we save.

Essentially, being energy efficient means living our lives the way we’re used to, only more affordably and effectively. We can do that thanks to new technology, which impacts everything from the lightbulbs in our homes to the thermostats that keep us comfortable. We’re not strangers to this, either—we use technology to help us be more efficient in other areas of our lives, whether it’s our fitness trackers that keep us motivated  or our banking apps that save us time and money. That’s why it’s time to bring energy efficiency technologies into your home—and what better time to do it than right now?

When you buy light bulbs, when you’re looking for new appliances, when you’re thinking about upgrading your home—that’s when the opportunity to be energy efficient presents itself. A few, small, energy-efficient changes can make a big difference to your budget. What’s more, energy efficiency offers rewards that go beyond the bottom line. Programmable and smart thermostats keep our homes at an ideal temperature without us having to think about it. High-efficiency refrigerators keep food fresh longer, and tankless hot water heaters ensure we never run out of hot water. Energy efficiency improves our lives, and we reap the rewards personally as well as financially.

Energy Efficiency Alberta is here to help you become a savvy energy consumer. We’ll show you ways to improve your energy efficiency at home and reward you for doing it, so you’ll save now and continue saving over time.

Being energy efficient makes sense—for you, for your wallet, and for the environment. Are you ready to get started?

Check out the new Home Efficiency Tool, which shows you all of the money you can save in your home with energy-efficient products, along with offering information and tips that will help you become a more energy-efficient homeowner.