Energy Efficiency Across Canada

Energy efficiency may sound like a trendy new catchphrase, but the concept and its practices have been around for years. Agencies around the world have been hard at work for decades researching and promoting efficient energy use (the International Energy Agency and World Energy Council among them). Every province in Canada has implemented energy efficiency programs, ranging from residential to commercial and industrial, and even extending to transportation.

Energy efficiency programs have been implemented in Canada for decades on both provincial and federal levels. As highlighted by the Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance, in 2014, provinces were spending anywhere from $10 per capita up to $55 per capita on energy efficiency programs. What is to be gained by spending money on energy efficiency? As just one example, Efficiency Nova Scotia has helped 278,000 participants complete energy efficiency projects, and has created $150 million in annual energy savings for Nova Scotia residents.

Our neighbours in B.C. and Saskatchewan offer instant savings and rebate programs to homeowners when they purchase energy efficient products at designated retail stores, and have a number of incentives in place for making energy-wise choices at home. Manitoba Hydro offers a wide variety of programs to residents, including Affordable Energy (which subsidizes energy efficient upgrades in low-income households), a Heat Recovery Ventilator Control program, a Home Insulation Rebate program, and a Water & Energy Saver program, among others. Ontario and Quebec have programs called Save On Energy and Rénoclimat (respectively), and in the Maritimes a long list of programs are in place to help residents save money on home upgrades, retail purchases, and new home construction.

Canadians everywhere are adopting energy efficiency as a way of life, knowing that being energy efficient means living more comfortably, more affordably, and with more thought for the future. Take a look at how other provinces are making energy efficiency a priority by following the links below: