Energy efficiency made quick and easy

Custom Energy Solutions has introduced Simplified Custom Measures to help facilities make energy-efficient upgrades quicker and easier than before.

Custom Energy Solutions has a wide variety of measures and offerings focused on the commercial and industrial sector. But, identifying energy saving opportunities through a scoping audit or engineering study can sometimes lead to a lengthy process depending on the facility. These new “simplified” measures allow facilities to act much quicker and start saving energy and money right away.

Instead of needing complex system models or uniquely designed measurement and verification (M&V), Simplified Custom Measures typically need only a few spot measurements or short-term data logging to move forward. This can turn an energy-efficiency upgrade from a months-long process to just a few weeks before a facility begins reaping the benefits. The included measures (see below) are focused on helping both the commercial and industrial sector replace energy-wasting equipment or systems as quickly as possible to help reach financial and productivity goals.

New Simplified Custom Measures include:

  • Compressed Air Measures
    • Leak Repair
    • No-Loss Drains
    • Pressure Reduction
    • VFD Compressor ≤ 75 HP
  • Fan or Pump VFD
  • Steam Measures
    • Steam Trap Replacement
    • Boiler Burner O2 Controls
    • Turndown Ratio
  • Boiler Tune-Up
  • Building Timers

Simplified Custom Measures are a great way to get started but there is a whole network of offerings designed to help Alberta facilities save energy and money. To learn more about what’s required for each of these measures and how they can help your facility save money visit or contact a Custom Energy Solutions Account Manager at

About Custom Energy Solutions

Custom Energy Solutions helps Alberta facilities improve productivity, save energy and save money by upgrading inefficient equipment and making other energy improvements. Knowing there’s rarely a one-size-fits-all answer to improving energy use and efficiency in your facility, we’ll work directly with you to identify your specific goals and needs. We offer end-to-end support and incentives to identify and implement enhancements designed to deliver the best results for your facility. Learn more.

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