Energy Efficient Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Summer is officially here in Alberta. Trying to stay cool can be expensive and often uses a lot of energy, so we’re providing you with some energy efficient tips to get you through the summer.

  • Close your blinds and windows during the day: Keep your home cool and comfortable by closing your blinds during the day, and opening your windows during the night. Did you know that closing your blinds blocks up to 65 per cent of the heat.
  • Don’t forget about your ceiling fans:  Ceiling fans are one of the most energy efficient ways to keep cool.  Make sure your fan is rotating counter-clockwise.
  • Skip the dryer:  Save energy and money by drying your clothing on a clothesline. Using your dryer also heats up your home, making it harder to keep cool.
  • Keep your furnace fan on: Keeping your furnace fan on can help circulate air around your home.
  • If you have A/C, make sure to change your filters regularly: Every 4-6 weeks you should be checking your air filter to ensure your air is clean and flowing through your home freely.

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