Energy Smart-E True or False?

Are you an energy smart-E? Take the quiz!

  1. Keeping my phone charger plugged in while my phone is not charging wastes energy.
  2. I should take showers instead of baths to conserve energy.
  3. Fluorescent light bulbs are more energy efficiency than LED bulbs.
  4. Computers and televisions use electricity even when they’re turned off.
  5. You should always turn the lights off when leaving a room, even if its just for a little while.
  6. It’s more energy efficient to turn on the air conditioning all day instead of closing the blinds or curtains.
  7. Keeping doors open in your house increases circulation and helps energy efficiency.
  8. Lowering the temperature of your home’s thermostat by 1 or 2 degrees could reduce your energy bill by 5 – 10%.
  9. Keeping the refrigerator door open for long periods of time saves energy.

Check your answers.

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