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Get a Home Energy Evaluation today and unlock greater savings on your home upgrades, including a $1,000 bonus rebate.

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Our new Home Energy Plan program offers the best in energy efficiency incentives. Sign up today to receive these great benefits

  • Higher rebate amounts that are only available in this program. Including a new $500 minimum rebate for boiler and furnace upgrades.
  • $1,000 bonus rebate when you complete three or more upgrades to your home.
  • $300 rebate toward your Home Energy Evaluation to find out where the best savings are, personalized for your home.
  • More rebate options, Home Energy Plan program includes all the great products found in our Home Improvement Rebates program, plus even more, like furnaces, boilers, window glazing/inserts and skylights.

How Does It Work?

Follow these simple steps:

1. Complete your EnerGuide* Home Energy Evaluation

  • Choose an Energy Advisor and schedule your Home Energy Evaluation.
  • We recommend getting at least two quotes as rates may vary.
  • $300 rebate will be applied directly to your Home Energy Evaluation invoice.
  • Your Energy Advisor will assess your home from top to bottom and work with you to determine what energy-efficient upgrades work best for you.

2. Get your custom home report

  • Your home report will be available online at homeenergyplan.ca within 2-3 weeks after your Home Energy Evaluation is completed.
  • The report will show you where the best savings are in your home and will list all available energy efficiency rebates.
  • Use your home report to select eligible upgrades, such as furnaces, insulation and windows.

3. Complete the recommended upgrades and get your rebate

  • Once renovations are complete, apply for a rebate:
    • If you used a contractor from our network, the contractor will submit your rebate application on your behalf (for qualifying “common upgrades” only, see the Program Guide).
    • If you used a non-registered contractor or completed the renovations yourself, a post-renovation Home Energy Evaluation is required to determine the energy savings prior to applying for your rebate.

4. Bonus Rebates

  • Sign up today and receive an additional $1,000 rebate when you complete three or more eligible upgrades.


The City of Edmonton is currently offering an additional incentive of $12.50/GJ saved towards the cost of installing approved energy efficient measures. There are also additional rebates for furnaces and Home Energy Evaluations. For details on participation requirements, including providing consent to share your energy label on the City of Edmonton’s Energy Map, click here.


Please send us an email at hello@efficiencyalberta.ca.

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*EnerGuide is an Official Mark of Natural Resources Canada.

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