Home Energy Plan

The Home Energy Plan gives you custom rebate options for your home when you complete an EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation.

Find an Energy Advisor

The Home Energy Plan starts with an EnerGuide* Home Energy Evaluation, conducted by a registered EnerGuide Energy Advisor, that provides valuable insight into your home’s energy use and offers energy-saving home improvement suggestions specific to your home’s needs. 


Rebates are available for a wide range of energy-efficient upgrades including insulation, windows, water heating, furnaces, home heating and more (specific product eligibility applies). The more energy you save, the higher the rebate. Plus, you can receive a bonus rebate of $1,000 if you complete three or more home improvements that result in a minimum of 3GJ of energy savings each, within 18 months of completing your Home Energy Evaluation. 

How Does It Work?

Creating a Home Energy Plan for your home is easy:  

  1. Choose an Energy Advisor and schedule your EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation. Energy Efficiency Alberta recommends getting at least two quotes from Energy Advisors as rates may vary. A $300 rebate will be applied directly to your invoice.  
  2. Your Energy Advisor will assess your home from top to bottom – looking at the insulation in your attic to the windows in your basement, hot water tank and furnace. They will conduct tests to find the hidden leaks in your home that can add up to big energy losses. Your Energy Advisor can help you determine what energy-efficient upgrades may work best for you and your budget. 
  3. A custom report will be generated for your home, available on a secure portal 2-3 weeks after your Evaluation. Your custom report will detail energy efficiency upgrades and applicable rebates. Use this to help plan and track your renovations.  
  4. Complete the recommended renovations with a registered contractor, or on your own**. With the Home Energy Plan, you can receive rebates on common upgrades such as insulation and ENERGY STAR® windows, as well as rebates on custom upgrades such as combined space and water heating systems, solar hot water heating and ground source heat pumps**. Plus, the Home Energy Plan includes a $1,000 bonus rebate when you complete three or more eligible upgrades, that result in a minimum of 3GJ of energy savings each, within eighteen months.  

See the list of specific products and eligibility for all upgrades and energy solutions in the Program Guide.

**If completing custom upgrades or do-it-yourself projects, a post-upgrade Home Energy Evaluation (also known as an “E” Evaluation) is required to determine the energy savings you have achieved. Please see the Program Guide for rebate requirements.

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*EnerGuide is an Official Mark of Natural Resources Canada.