Instant Savings Program

The Instant Savings Program offers instant rebates on products purchased at participating retail locations across Alberta during the campaign period. The energy efficient products available help to reduce energy use in your home, which helps to reduce your utility bills.

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Save $2

Bathroom or Kitchen Faucet Aerators

Faucet aerators simply screw onto your existing faucet to reduce the flow of hot water. On average, a faucet aerator can save you up to $20 per year.

Save $12


A typical household dries over 400 loads of clothes per year at an energy cost of $10. Clotheslines are a zero cost, zero impact alternative.

Save $8

LED Light Fixtures

LED lights use less energy, turn on instantly, are dimmable, don’t contain mercury, and last up to 25years.

Save $10

LED Outdoor Yard Lights with Motion Sensor

Outdoor Yard Lights help keep your home safe and provide light outside only when needed. The LED motion sensor lights turn on when you need them, switch off then you don’t, and last up to 25 years.

Save $12

Low Flow Showerheads

Energy efficient shower heads simply screw onto your existing shower faucet to save water - which means using a lot less energy without compromising the quality of your shower.

Save $5

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors keep the lights on as long as there is movement. After movement stops, the detector switches the lights off - and starts saving you money.

Save $2 /bulb

Non A-line (Specialty) Lighting

LED lights use less energy, turn on instantly, are dimmable, don’t contain mercury, and last up to 25 years.

Save $15

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats save you energy and money buy keeping you warm while at home, but lowering the heat while you’re out or asleep.

Save $12

Smart Power Bars

Smart Power Bars reduce standby owed and save you money by turning your devices off when not needed.


Albertans can find a participating retailer closest to them by using the store locator. Please note that product availability and selection may vary by retailer. Instant Savings are available in-store starting April 5, 2018. Product selection is at the discretion of the retailer and availability of rebated productsmay vary by store.


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