Non-profit organizations benefiting from Energy Efficiency Rebates. 

Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS) is a non-profit organization that provides a holistic approach to health, education and housing services to individuals and families struggling with the challenges of poverty and trauma. In 2017, CUPS helped over 10,000 Calgarians.  

Virtuoso Energy, who recently completed a LED retrofit for CUPS sat down with Robert Perry, Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives and Rebecca Chermishnuk, Executive Assistant at CUPS for a brief interview about how their energy efficiency upgrade has impacted CUPS.  

What were your motivations behind committing to an energy efficiency upgrade for CUPS? (financial, environmental, social?) 

“All three. We want to save money for our clients and participants as much as possible, so any savings on power or electricity are good. Avoiding burning coal to heat and power our buildings is always a good thing and everyone who works here is concerned with the environmental aspect of how we get our power.” – Robert Perry 

“A lot of people are passionate and prideful that we are making these decisions and changes.” – Rebecca Chermishnuk 

Would you consider taking advantage of other energy efficiency rebates available through provincial programs? 

“Absolutely. We would want to utilize rebates targeted at efficient heating and also electricity generation. Ideally, we would like to move into green roof projects as well.” – Robert Perry 

How did you find the installation process? 

“It was really good! Virtuoso Energy was very knowledgeable in what worked best and laying out our options. Your team was fantastic. They were very accommodating and fast-working. The whole process was very streamlined and efficient.” – Rebecca Chermishnuk 

“Alignment of values was very important to us as well, and Virtuoso was able to ensure that as well throughout the process.” – Robert Perry