Now Is the Time to Upgrade

Why Wait for Winter?

It’s summertime and the living is easy! When the weather is wonderful, it’s hard to think about the return of winter. But here in Alberta when winter does settle back in, it’s best to be prepared.

This is especially true when it comes to your home’s energy efficiency. A bit of upgrading while the days are still warm, and your home will be winter-ready when the snow starts to fall. A couple of things to consider upgrading at this time of year are your home’s insulation and windows. Once the work is done, you’ll enjoy more comfortable surroundings, increased home value, and save money on your energy bills too. What’s even better? The more energy efficient your home becomes, the more money you’ll get back through the Home Improvement Program in rebates. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Find a Contractor

We’ve created a contractor network with participating contractors across Alberta for you to choose from. We recommend you get in touch with at least 3 from the approved list. This helps you find the right contractor for you, and gets you the best possible price. Registered contractors will give you an estimate and provide details on the work they’d recommend as well as the corresponding rebates.

Step 2: Get the Work Done

Your chosen contractor will set up a timeline for the work, install the insulation and/or upgraded windows, bill you for the job, and submit a rebate request to us on your behalf.

Step 3: Receive your Rebate

Rebates are available for upgraded insulation added to a home’s attic, main walls, basement walls, or pony walls. Rebates are calculated based on where insulation is applied, how much insulation was already there, how much is added, and how many square feet are upgraded—up to a maximum rebate of $3,500.

Rebates on ENERGY STAR® triple pane, low-e, argon windows range from $13 per window to $306 per window, depending on the existing window’s size, frame type, and whether it has a single or double pane of glass. A maximum rebate of $1,500 for window upgrades is available through the program.

Step 4: Enjoy Continued Savings!

Once your Home Improvement upgrades are in place, you’ll enjoy the ongoing benefit of paying less to heat your home. Improved insulation and upgraded windows mean a more comfortable and cost-efficient home.

Why wait? The weather is perfect for home improvement! To get started, visit