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Clothes Washers

Energy efficient clothes washers save thousands of litres of water every year. This means you can save an annual average of $40 on energy costs.

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Qualifying Residential Clothes Washers

Qualifying clothes washers are the most efficient clothes washers on the market, providing the highest energy and water savings.

Brand Models Loading Type
Amana NFW5800H** Front
BEKO WMY 10148 C0 Front
WMY 10148 W0 Front
WMY10148C2 Front
BLOMBERG WM 98200 SX Front
WM 98400 SX Front
WM98200SX2 Front
WM98400SX2 Front
WM 98200 SX Front
WM 98400 SX Front
WM98200SX2 Front
WM98400SX2 Front
Bosch WAT28400UC Front
WAT28401UC Front
WAT28402UC Front
WAW285H2UC Front
WAT28400UC Front
WAT28401UC Front
WAT28402UC Front
Crosley CFWH4084G** Front
Electrolux EFLS617**** Front
EFLS517**** Front
EFLS527**** Front
EFLS627**** Front
GE Appliances, a Haier Company GFWR4800F*** Front
GFWR4805F*** Front
Inglis IFW5900H** Front
Kenmore 4107# Front
4126# Front
4130# Front
4139# Front
4158# Front
4168# Front
4196# Front
LG WM3085C* Front
WM3180C* Front
WM3270C* Front
WM3275C* Front
WM3575C* Front
WM3670H*A Front
WM3770H*A Front
WM4270H*A Front
WM4370H*A Front
WM5000H*A Front
WM5005H*A Front
WM8100H*A Front
WM9000H*A Front
WM9500H*A Front
WM3080C* Front
WM3500C* Front
WM3700H*A Front
WM3505C Front
WM3090C* Front
Maytag MHW3500F** Front
MHW3505F** Front
MHW5500F** Front
MHW8200F** Front
Samsung WF45K62**A* Front
WF45M51**A* Front
WF45M55**A* Front
WF50K75**A* Front
WF56H91**A* Front
WV55M96**A*-L Front
WV60M99**A*-L Front
WF45N53**A* Front
WF45N63**A* Front
WW22N685*Q* Front
Whirlpool WFW7540F** Front
WFW7590F** Front
WFW75HEF** Front
WFW8540F** Front
WFW85HEF** Front
WFW90HEF** Front
WFW9290F** Front
WFW92HEF** Front
WFW5090G** Front
WFW3090G** Front
WFW560CH** Front
WFW5620H** Front
WFW6620H** Front

Getting Your Rebate

Getting a rebate through the Online Rebates program is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Take a look at the qualified products list and decide on the item or items you’d like to buy.
  2. Buy the qualified items from one of these local retailers or online.
  3. Take a picture of or scan your receipt. You’ll need to upload it to our web site to receive a rebate.
  4. Go to the Online Rebates page and fill out the rebate form.
  5. Follow the prompts to upload the picture or scan of your purchase receipt.

You will receive your rebate via mail within 6 - 8 weeks.

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