Terms and Conditions




1.1 The Home Appliance Energy Rebate Program (the “Program”) administered by Energy Efficiency Alberta (“EEA”) is designed to stimulate investment in energy-efficient smart thermostats, refrigerators, and clothes washers (“product(s)”) that will reduce natural gas and electrical usage and associated operating costs. The Program is targeted to the residential market within the province of Alberta.

1.2 The Program will commence April 28, 2017. Applicants will have 6 months from their purchase date, which must be on or after April 28, 2017, to submit their completed application form to receive their rebate.

1.3 The Program offers a rebate of $75 up to $100 to partially offset the higher purchase price of higher efficiency products.

1.4 The Program is available online using the submission form on the EEA website. Should the Applicant not have internet access to apply for the rebate, the Applicant can contact a customer representative at 1 (844) 357-5604 to help with application form completion.

1.5 The CEE, the Consortium for Energy Efficiency, is an organization that, to maximize the influence of programs such as the Online Rebates Program, encourages key market players, such as manufacturers and stakeholders, to fast-track the development and acceptance of increasingly efficient products.

1.6 EEA reserves the right to audit incentives paid through the Program including the right of an EEA representative to inspect, before and/or after installation, a household that was the subject of an application to confirm the indicated product was installed.

1.7 EEA or an authorized third party may contact Applicants to conduct survey(s) regarding the Program or to follow-up with the Applicant with respect to the Program and/or the product(s) installed.


2.1 The Applicant must be 18 years of age or older.

2.2 The Applicant must maintain a residence within the province of Alberta.

2.3 The Applicant must submit all of the necessary documents requested on the application form to be eligible to participate in the Program. Refusal to submit required documentation will result in the Applicant’s disqualification from the Program.

2.4 Product(s) can be purchased in-store or online, within or outside of Alberta; however, the installation and location of use of the eligible product purchased must be within the province of Alberta.

2.5 Product(s) must be purchased in new condition from an in-store or online retailer of the Applicant’s choosing; however, the product(s) must be accompanied by a retailers receipt to be submitted with the application.

2.6 Only eligible products under the Program qualify for the Program rebate (see section 4.0).

2.7 It is the responsibility of the Applicant to ensure they purchase a qualifying product and to complete the online submission form in order to receive the rebate.

2.8 A limit of 2 eligible refrigerators, a limit of 2 eligible clothes washers, and a limit of 2 eligible smart thermostat can be qualified for rebate under the Program, per household for the life of the Program.

2.9 Applicants who receive a rebate through the Program agree not to apply for or receive any rebate or incentive through this program or any other provincial energy efficiency incentive program in relation to the same product(s).


Program process is as follows:

3.1 Applicant must visit the EEA website for information about product categories and specific products that qualify for the Program.

3.2 From the EEA website, the applicant must complete and submit the online rebate submission form.

3.3 EEA processes the application.

3.3.1 If all documents are in order and the Applicant has met all the Program requirements, EEA notifies the Applicant of the rebate status and issues a rebate cheque to the Applicant by mail.

3.3.2 If the documents are not in order, EEA notifies the Applicant of the rebate status, and the application is either adjusted or cancelled.

3.3.3 If the application is invalid or can otherwise not be processed, EEA will advise the Applicant.


4.1 Smart thermostats must be electric or gas heating.

4.2 Refrigerators must be CEE Tier 3 or Tier 2.

4.3 Clothes washers must be CEE Tier 3.

4.4 Applications will only be accepted for purchases made on or after April 28, 2017. Applications for rebates must be submitted within six (6) months after the purchase date of the product(s).

4.5 Eligible product(s) list is updated on a monthly basis, mid-month. Should a product be removed from the list of eligible products, the Program will honour rebates on the removed product for 12 months from the product removal date.


All Market Participants

5.1 Smart Thermostat Rebates:

5.1.1 $100 for each eligible electric or gas heating smart thermostat.

5.2 CEE Tier 3 Refrigerator Rebates:

5.2.1 $100 for each eligible CEE Tier 3 refrigerator.

5.3 CEE Tier 2 Refrigerator Rebates:

5.3.1 $75 for each eligible CEE Tier 2 refrigerator.

5.4 CEE Tier 3 Clothes Washer Rebates:

5.4.1 $100 for each eligible CEE Tier 3 clothes washer.


6.1 EEA reserves the right to amend, modify, or terminate the Program at any time with or without notice, and is not obligated to make any payments whatsoever.

6.2 EEA, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to limit the number of incentives, and/or the amount of an incentive, payable to any one Applicant or in respect of any one product.

6.3 If EEA amends or modifies the Program after an application is received and approved by EEA, the Applicant cannot submit an application for the same product under the amended or modified Program.

6.4 It is the Applicant’s responsibility to contact EEA Customer Service to notify of the return of a qualifying product purchase used to receive an incentive as part of the Program. Returns of qualifying products will be monitored and Applicants that do not declare their refunds may be disqualified from participating in further incentive programs. This responsibility stands for 12 months post purchase date.

6.5 Applicant acknowledges their products may use less natural gas and electricity and produce fewer emissions.

6.6 Applicant agrees to permit EEA to view the utility bill(s) for the household containing the eligible product(s) to monitor and publicly report on changes in energy consumption as a result of the eligible product(s). All information regarding energy consumption used in promotional material will be aggregated with other product(s) in the Program.

6.7 Applicant agrees to transfer ownership of credit for greenhouse gas reduction associated with product upgrades to EEA.

6.8 In addition to these terms and conditions, the Program, and any incentive payments made under the Program, are subject to terms and conditions contained in the application form and related documents. In the event of a conflict, the terms and conditions stated herein will prevail.
Representation and warranties

6.9 Applicant represents and warrants that it complies, and will continue to comply, with the Program eligibility criteria contained herein.

6.10 Applicant represents and warrants that all information provided in relation to the Program is complete, true, and correct. Applicant agrees it will notify EEA in the event there is a material change in its application or information attached thereto.


6.11 In the event the Applicant fails to adhere to the terms and conditions contained herein, EEA reserves the right to void the application documents and EEA will be released from any and all obligations under the Program. In the event the Applicant fails to adhere to these terms and conditions, is or becomes ineligible for any reason to receive an incentive paid to it, or receives an incentive in error, EEA reserves the right to collect any incentive paid as a debt owed to EEA.


6.12 EEA will have no ownership interest in the product(s).

6.13 EEA, not being the designer or manufacturer of the product(s), makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the fitness, design, or capability of the material, product, or workmanship in the product, nor any warranty that the product will satisfy the requirements of any law, specification, or contract.

6.14 EEA does not guarantee energy savings, of any amount(s), by participation with the purchase and use of the eligible product(s) as part of the Program. Energy saving potentials are based on Applicant behaviours, which are not monitored or regulated by the EEA, or its affiliates, and thus, outcomes of these behaviours cannot be guaranteed.

6.15 Applicant will be solely responsible for and shall indemnify and save harmless EEA and its subsidiaries and its respective employees, directors, agents, contractors, subcontractors, and representatives from all claims, demands, causes of action, suits, judgments and penalties whatsoever and wheresoever arising out of or in relation to the Program including, without limitation, those made or sustained in respect of property damage, personal injury (including death), infringement of copyright or trademark, builders, or other liens.

6.16 EEA does not endorse any particular manufacturer, product, system, design, supplier, or installer in relation to the Program.

Tax implication

6.17 EEA will not be responsible for any tax liability imposed on the Applicant as a result of payments of the incentive.


All Market Participants

7.1 EEA is not responsible for lost, delayed, damaged, illegible, or incomplete applications.

7.2 The following documents must be submitted to EEA for eligibility:

7.2.1 Completed rebate application form.

7.2.2 Copy of sales receipt that shows the invoice number, qualifying product model number, and date of purchase.

8. Contact Information

EEA Call Centre
1 (844) 357-5604

Shima Gharanfoli
Portfolio Manager
Summerhill Group Inc.
2109-6027 79th Ave SE
Email: sgharanfoli@summerhill.com