Save money on energy with Energy Efficiency Alberta’s online tools


Energy efficiency isn’t about living in a house that’s cold and dark, it’s about using technology to save energy while your lifestyle stays the same. And when you save energy, you save money, too.

It’s not always easy to know where to start, but Energy Efficiency Alberta has two new online tools that can help you find places in your home where you can use less energy, while staying comfortable.

The Home Efficiency Tool lets you walk through the rooms of your home identifying places where you can make smart investments into your energy use, and save money in the long run. Whether it’s LED bulbs, motion sensors to control your lights, or a brand new ENERGY STAR® refrigerator or clothes washer, we’ve got solutions that will keep money in your pockets.

Meanwhile, the Learn About Lighting Tool offers information about lighting technology, bulbs and fixtures. Learn the difference between Lumens and Kelvins—and what they mean for your home. Learn which bulbs are most efficient, which are best for your fixtures, and which last longest. If you have questions about energy-efficient lighting, we’ve got answers.

For a preview of the tools, join Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks and the Minister Responsible for the Climate Change Office, as she and Linda Hoang learn about energy efficiency together.