Industry Training, Resource Development and Innovation Grants

We help Alberta-based businesses be more energy efficient, productive and competitive. We do this with incentives available through our programs, and through encouraging innovation and supporting industry specific capacity building.

We have supported the following organizations and initiatives with grants or sponsorship in 2017 / 2018:

  • Energy Futures Lab
    • Energy Futures Lab convenes and enables experts and influencers from across industries to engage in deliberative dialogue about energy challenges and innovative opportunities. 
  • Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC)
    • CaGBC provides industry education and training and the introduction of an Investor Confidence Project to the Canadian market to enable projects to pursue energy efficiency retrofits using Canadian tailored protocols. 
  • Canadian Institute of Energy Training (CIET)
    • CIET is the largest Canadian training center dedicated to energy efficiency. They specialize in high quality energy management and energy efficiency training, as well as certification programs. CIET has designed a comprehensive energy efficiency training plan for Alberta, ensuring that capacity is there to support the energy transition efforts in Alberta.
  • Solar Energy Society of Alberta (SESA)
    • SESA has championed the creation of a Code of Conduct, Complaint Form and Consumer Guide documents for solar businesses to be included in Alberta Solar Providers Directory.
  • Electrical Contractor Association of Alberta (ECAA)
    • The ECAA is delivering training to their membership and interested public, to enhance the knowledge of the electrical contractors throughout Alberta, who have done, or who may in the future install solar PV systems. 
  • The Canadian Solar Industry Association (CanSIA)
    • CanSIA has prepared a wide variety of training materials to support solar program delivery and uptake.
  • Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME)
    • CME runs the Lean and Green Manufacturing program which is a series of workshops on improving environmental performance, developing strategies and management approaches to green wastes, customized training and coaching programs.