The Future is Bright | A Glimpse at Solar in Alberta

From James in Edmonton, to Vince in Lethbridge, solar is taking off across the province. Here is a look at some recent solar projects:

“Adding solar panels to our 100-year-old home gets people talking.”

“By adding solar panels to our 100+-year-old home, we will offset our annual electricity usage completely. In our updates, we’re also incorporating efficient electrical appliances and reducing our natural gas consumption for heating and for convenience items such as a heat-pump clothes dryer. Not only do we benefit, the skilled workforce benefit, and it was a logical way to use the exposed surfaces on the house and garage. An unintended consequence of our installation is that it gets people talking and considering solar energy as a viable alternative and how it can be incorporated into an ageing structure.” – James, Edmonton.

“The solar panels offset over half of our power bills.”

“We’re getting enough power to offset about 70% of the household power and 15,000 km of electric car charging. The panels produce enough to offset the full power and related fees for two months per year. I was really impressed by that.” – Scott, Edmonton.

“Adding solar helps us make lease rates more competitive for prospective tenants.”

“Although I have always been interested in energy efficiency and solar energy, the rebate program gave me the necessary incentive to buy in at this time.  By combining three utility entities into one, we were able to see significant savings in our common charges (distribution, transmission, and municipal access fees), as well as reduce our dependency on the electrical grid. Since our solar installation was greater than 10 kWh, and less than 90 kWh one can take advantage of the capital cost allowance of 30% which helps to reduce the payback period.  By reducing our energy demand, we can make our commercial leases more competitive. This rebate program definitely created more employment for retailers and installers, and made solar options more visible to the general public.” – Vince, Lethbridge.

“I set up a solar system to put an otherwise “lazy” roof to work.”

“The RCSP rebate program encouraged me to set up a solar system to put an otherwise “lazy” roof to work. Although the price of solar is falling, without the rebates the cost and return on investment timeframe would have been prohibitive. I found the monthly savings to be quite impressive (especially in the summer months). It’s also great to know that my project has provided local jobs to Calgarians. I hope that the program continues and entices others to set up a similar system.” – Kelvin, Calgary.

“I look at my real-time solar monitoring almost every day!”

“Going solar was a very positive experience for our family. We look forward to receiving our electricity bill now and just love the real-time monitoring with our system; I look at it almost every day. Many of our friends are now considering going solar as well. The rebate really did make a difference and encouraged us to take the step and make the investment.” – Mark & Caryn