The latest in energy efficiency and home automation

Home technology is improving the way we live and helping reduce energy consumption

Science fiction is coming to life in our homes. Fridges come with internal cameras, allowing you to use your smart phone to see if you need milk while you’re out shopping. Smart thermostats can learn your behaviour and automatically adjust a room’s temperature to meet your preferences and lifestyle. Lights can sense your presence, automatically turning on and off as you enter and exit a room.

Advances in home automation now allow you to remotely monitor and control your home’s electronic activity and adjust your power consumption with a simple swipe on your smart phone. Smart appliances and electronics that adjust automatically are becoming increasingly popular because they make conserving energy and lowering your utility bill easy. Add in Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Residential Retail Product Programs’ rebates, which provide incentives to help make household energy-efficient products more affordable, and it’s hard to find a reason not to go smart.

Here are a few popular smart products that are eligible for a rebate through Energy Efficiency Alberta:

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats are changing the way we control the temperature in our homes. By learning your daily routine and programming according to your preference, smart thermostats can help you save up to 10 per cent on your heating and cooling bill. This doesn’t mean your day-to-day preferences can’t change—in addition to their learning abilities, smart thermostats can also be controlled with your mobile device. With an Internet connection, you can turn the temperature up or down even when you’re out of the house.

Get a $100 rebate on a smart thermostat with Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Online Rebates.

Smart plugs

Smart plugs have wireless connectivity, meaning you can turn them on and off with an app on your mobile device. Many can also be programmed to run on a schedule. They’re ideal for holiday lights, plugging in your car, or shutting off televisions at a predetermined time.

You gain greater control of your energy usage, and some smart plugs will even give you reports on energy consumption. Until October 29, get $10 instant savings on eligible outdoor smart plugs through our Fall Instant Savings Campaign.

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Automated lighting sensors

Never worry about turning on and off lights again with automated lighting sensors. Occupancy sensors installed in your home will automatically turn lights on and off as you enter and exit a room. They can save up to 30 per cent on wasted electricity used for lighting.

Motion sensor controls are also available for your outdoor lights. Activated by movement, they help with security, but also use less energy than keeping lights on all night.

Until October 29, receive $5 instant savings on indoor and outdoor motion sensors, through our Fall Instant Savings Campaign.

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As our homes get smarter through technology, we can save on electricity bills and free up time to spend with family and friends. Sounds like a smart idea!