Training Opportunities

Learn new skills and develop your technical capacity in energy efficiency and renewable energy by taking an incentivised training course. Training courses from a range of training providers are helping grow the energy efficiency and renewable energy industry in Alberta. See the list of course descriptions below to find the right course for your career development.

All course attendees who are Alberta residents are eligible to receive the training incentives listed below (incentive amounts range from 20-30 per cent of course costs). Members of the Efficiency Professionals (E Pro) Network will benefit from an additional incentive for each training course of up to 10 per cent, details of which can be found below.

Incentives are available for courses beginning in April 2019.

How to Apply for Incentives

Incentives will be applied at the time of course registration through the training providers. Please refer to the links below for course-specific details. There is no application form, but you will be asked to confirm your Alberta address.

If you are an employee of an E Pro Network member company you are eligible for an additional E Pro Network member incentive as described for each course below. Email us at to receive your E Pro Network discount code.

Foundational Courses 

Gain foundational knowledge in an area of energy efficiency or renewable energy by taking one of the courses below.

How to Sell Energy Efficiency Internally and Externally

Although the benefits and justification of energy efficiency may seem obvious to some of us, this is often not the case for many of our clients and even our colleagues. Being able to articulate and present the many positive attributes of Energy Efficiency (EE) – from operational cost savings to conservation to reduced equipment maintenance – is key to selling EE projects.

Drawing from the experience of our expert instructors, as well as from highly relevant material from NRCan’s Dollars to Sense program, CIET has created a 1-day workshop to help you make the case for EE.

Upon completion of this hands-on workshop participants will be able to:

  • Determine how best to present EE-related information to every stakeholder
  • Better present the added value of their EE projects or services
  • Understand the various financial analysis terms and ratios (internal rate of return, payback, net present value, etc.)
  • Prepare a project financial analysis using a simple spreadsheet and/or RETScreen Expert
  • Develop and present complete, effective short proposals for energy efficiency projects

This course is relevant to all those involved in selling energy efficiency to colleagues or management within their own organisation, and also for those who are trying to sell EE retrofits, projects or technologies to external clients.

Incentive: $110 (additional E Pro incentive: $60)

Course provider: Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET).

Introduction to Measurement and Verification (M&V)

The IPMVP® is the energy savings verification protocol most commonly used in the world. Many individuals, such as institution owners and leaders, energy managers and ESCO services suppliers, need to develop a general understanding of the methods used to conduct measurement and verification (M&V), though they do not have to possess in-depth expertise as needed by certified CMVP® professionals.

This one-day workshop introduces the basic concepts of measurement and verification (M&V) and the IPMVP (International Performance Measurement & Verification protocol) that has become the most prominent reference of M&V in North America and around the world. It highlights the purposes of M&V, summarizes the range of possible M&V methods and points out the need for specific M&V design for each project.

The program is designed primarily for facility energy managers, energy efficiency program designers, as well as project managers, consultants, and anyone interested in acquiring a basic understanding of the state of the art on M&V and to get acquainted with IPMVP.

Incentive: $90 (additional E Pro incentive: $50)

Course provider: Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET).

Efficient Building Envelope (EBE)

This 2-day Efficient Building Envelope (EBE) course introduces the concept of a building as a system and takes an in-depth look at the interrelationship between the building envelope and installed mechanical sub-systems. The course will examine the principals of heat loss/gain through the envelope (wall, roof, floor and fenestration), and explore the interactions with equipment and occupants.

The importance of air tightness, thermal bridging, and moisture control will be discussed in detail using a variety of typical commercial construction types, with heavy focus placed on designing efficient and durable assemblies. Finally, participants will gain insight on the three compliance pathways available to Part 3 buildings under the newly revised National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB 2011).

This program is targeted towards architects, engineers, technologists, developers, contractors, consultants, building and home inspectors and technical sales professionals.

Incentive: $170 (additional E Pro incentive: $90)

Course provider: Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET).

Introduction to Combined Heat and Power

This 1-day introduction to Combined Heat and Power (CHP) course covers the fundamental technical, economic and regulatory knowledge related to cogeneration. These topics are presented in sufficient detail to allow participants to develop an understanding of the entire process, including load assessment; system design principles and economic analysis.

This program is targeted towards plant engineers and managers, utility professionals, energy managers, engineers and consultants, industrial facility managers, facility managers from the educational, healthcare and municipal sectors.

Incentive: $90 (additional E Pro Incentive: $50)

Course provider: Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET).

Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems

During this 1-day course, you will learn how to calculate and reduce the costs of compressed air in your facility and how to gain better control of compressed air for optimum reliability and productivity. You’ll use data from your facility and complete hands-on exercises with emphasis on bottom-line results. Furthermore, you will know how to focus on getting results when you return to your plant.

This program is targeted towards plant engineers, maintenance supervisors and other personnel responsible for compressed air systems in an industrial setting.

Incentive: $130 (additional E Pro incentive: $60)

Course provider: Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET).

Accelerated Energy Management

This exciting two-day workshop is a highly hands-on and interactive experience. Facilitators will utilize a variety of physical demonstrations, calculations worksheets, graphic slides, case studies and discussion to create a highly effective learning environment. Designed for a broad audience with both technical and non-technical backgrounds – the ambitious goal of this experience is to equip participants, no matter the roles they play in managing energy, with effective approaches and tools with which to meet the challenges of energy management in 2018 and beyond.

Incentive: $190 (additional E Pro incentive: $90)

Course provider: Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET).

Exam Preparation Courses

Prepare for your NRCan Foundation Level or Energy Advisor Exam by taking part it one of these incentivised exam preparation courses.

Prep Course for the NRCan ERS v15 Energy Advisor Exam

Energy advisors assess the energy performance of residential homes and provide advice on potential energy savings during design, construction, and renovations.

This class is designed to prepare students for the Natural Resources Canada exams. To become a registered Energy Advisor with Natural Resources Canada, prospective candidates must first pass the Foundation Level and Energy Advisor exams. After successfully passing these exams, there is a requirement for probationary files to be completed with a licensed service organization.

After the energy advisor designation has been obtained, individuals in association with a licensed service organization, will be able to conduct energy evaluations in accordance with NRCan’s EnerGuide Version 15 guidelines on Part 9 residential buildings, excluding multi-unit residential buildings, which is an additional required certification.

The program is designed for individuals with an interest in energy efficiency and individuals wanting to become an energy advisor to conduct residential energy evaluations.

Incentive: $240 (additional E Pro incentive: $120)

Course providers:

Prep Course for the NRCan Foundation Level Exam

The Foundation Level course is the first step in becoming an Energy Advisor. This two-day course provides an overview of building science issues and sound business practices. Candidates will gain valuable knowledge in energy-efficient homebuilding techniques. This course prepares students for success when taking the Natural Resources Canada Energy Foundations Exam. Learners are required to register for and complete the standardized exam separately.

The program is designed for individuals with an interest in energy efficiency and individuals wanting to become an energy advisor to conduct residential energy evaluations.

Incentive: $170 (additional E Pro incentive: $80)

Course providers:

Solar Energy Courses

New to the solar industry? Or just want to improve your skills? There are a number of incentivized solar energy courses available to take you through the contracts, codes, design and installation of solar PV.

Solar Photovoltaic Design and Modelling Class

This course is presented as a series of Case Studies with practical design examples used throughout. Advances in PV technology, the economics of PV systems, and the PV industry, in general, will also be discussed in context.

This class is designed for electricians, technicians, engineers, solar installers, salespeople and those with a basic understanding of electrical theory and electrical terminology, who wish to understand how to design and evaluate the performance of solar electric systems.

Incentive: $120 (additional E Pro Incentive: $60)

Course provider: Solar Energy Society of Alberta (SESA).

Solar Energy Storage System Design and Modelling

This class is for those with an understanding of electrical theory and electrical terminology for PV systems, who wish to understand how to design and evaluate the performance of battery based solar electric systems.

This class is designed for electricians, technicians, engineers, solar installers, and sales people.

Incentive: $120 (additional E Pro incentive: $60)

Course provider: Solar Energy Society of Alberta (SESA).

Solar PV Canadian Electrical Code Class

This 7-hour class was designed for Electrical Safety Codes Officers with the 2015 and 2018 Canadian Electrical Code updates for solar electricity, and will include inspector’s checklists, which address the most crucial inspection points of the four typical solar photovoltaic system types.

This class is designed for electricians, technicians, engineers, solar installers, salespeople and those with a basic understanding of electrical theory and electrical terminology, who want to ensure that their solar installations are up to current Canadian Electrical Code standards.

Participants will receive a certification of completion upon passing a one-hour exam at the end of the workshop. A pass mark is 70%

Incentive: $50 (additional E Pro incentive: $20)

Course provider: Solar Energy Society of Alberta (SESA).

Contracts for the Solar Industry

If you are responsible for signing or writing construction contracts, this workshop is for you. Most contracts are lacking clarity in technical details and participant responsibilities, and often don’t address critical project risks and variables. You need to control construction costs and minimize scope of work issues. Learn how to improve your contracts and reduce your risks in this class. This workshop focuses primarily on “Construction” contracts by ensuring project details, risks and variables are fully understood. Proper technical details and participant responsibilities can become the core of these successful contracts. The non-technical, legal considerations are also introduced, but these require more time than we have in this one-day workshop. Workshop attendees will benefit from a sample template to build their own contracts, plus contract planning documents and a copy of the extensive presentation.

Incentive: $50 (additional E Pro incentive: $20)

Course provider: Solar Energy Society of Alberta (SESA).

5 Day Hands-On Grid-Connected Solar PV Design and Installation Course

This course meets the prerequisite of in-class and hands-on experience training electricians need for writing the CSA Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Certified (SPVC) Certification (NOC 7241). Join us for five days of in-class and hands-on training that provides a solid footing in the theoretical, social, environmental, and practical application of solar PV design and installation.

This course is focused on practical skills for electricians but is also appropriate for professionals who require hands-on knowledge of photovoltaics assessment, materials, and installation practices.

Incentive: $300 (additional E Pro incentive: $170)

Course provider: Gridworks Energy Group Inc.

5 Day Solar PV Design and Installation Course

This workshop will provide a thorough understanding of the unique aspects of solar PV system design and installation. It will cover the importance of system sizing, component selection as well as good design and installation practices. The workshop will constitute both theoretical and practical sessions ending with a competency examination. The course is recognized by the CSA and successful participants in the workshop who are electricians can write a separate CSA PV Technician test.

Incentive: $300 (additional E Pro incentive: $170)

Course provider: Canadian Solar Institute.

Solar PV: Installation for Electricians

This course examines aspects involved in the design, sizing and installation of solar PV systems. More specifically, this course covers the topics including permits/restrictions, logistical site considerations, system sizing, factors affecting solar PV output and aspects involved with the CEC relating to the installation. You will see equipment up-close, functioning, dismantle and inspect a roof-top system and see real-world application of solar PV systems.

This course is intended for certified Journeyman electricians, however individuals having a working knowledge of electrical systems and Canadian electrical code are welcome.

Incentive: $140 (additional E Pro incentive $70)

Course provider: Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT).

Solar Installers Canada (SIC) CSA PV

The 4 day SIC CSA course is designed for all skill levels. This course is designed to cover all the essential knowledge in the PV industry. Our team of instructors will teach you how to design a PV array from the ground up. Learn how to identify customers’ needs and what considerations go into installing a system that meets their needs. We cover grid interconnected, stand-alone/off grid and marine/RV systems. This course is taught with all the most current and up to date equipment and techniques. Completion of this course and CSAPV exam (exam only available to registered electrical apprentices or licensed electricians) will provide Canada’s only nationally recognized install certificate.

Incentive: $300 (additional E Pro incentive: $200)

Course provider: Solar Installers Canada (SIC).

ALTE506 – Solar PV Installation for Electricians

Learn how to successfully install and troubleshoot solar photovoltaic residential systems. NAIT believes in the value of hands-on teaching, and this course is structured to allow you, a journeyman electrician to become a competent and confident installer, ready to enter the growing renewable energy market with the required skills.

This course is recommended for any journeyman electrician who wants to become a residential solar installer.

Incentive: $250 (additional E Pro incentive: $120)

Course provider: Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT).

Certification Courses

Build on your existing capabilities by gaining a new certification.

Advanced Course on Building Recommissioning

This 4-day Advanced Building Recommissioning course (RCx) covers all the stages of the recommissioning process: planning, investigation, implementation, hand-off and persistence. These stages are presented in detail to allow trainees to develop a coherent understanding of the entire process and reap all the anticipated benefits. The fundamental principles regarding the use of mechanical systems in buildings are discussed and the good practices for testing and verification are examined to help trainees develop an in-depth understanding of the investigation stage. To share insight on how to maintain the benefits of the RCx process throughout the life cycle of buildings, the course not only teaches building operating staff the persistence strategies to be implemented, but also highlights the kinds of appropriate intervention strategies in energy monitoring that can be carried out by third-party RCx service providers. This Advanced Recommissioning (RCx) Course, developed by CanmetENERGY of Natural Resources Canada, has trained 75 professionals in the province of Quebec. Upon completion of the course, trainees may choose to take a competency examination.

This program is targeted towards building recommissioning (RCx) service providers, building operating staff, energy managers, general engineering professionals with experience in HVAC systems and commercial and institutional buildings operation.

Incentive: $520 (additional E Pro incentive: $180)

Course provider: Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET).

Building Operator Certification (BOC)

Building operators are responsible for day-to-day maintenance and operation of large buildings with complex heating, mechanical and electrical systems, which offer an excellent opportunity for significant energy savings. You and your company can do a lot to ensure that your buildings operate as energy-efficiently as possible: increase tenant comfort; save money; and reduce your environmental footprint. The Building Operator Certification (BOC®) program is eight modules rolled out over nine-day skills-based training and certification program which affords facility personnel improved job skills and knowledge to transform workplaces into more comfortable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly environments.

BOC training is available for building operators with two or more years experience in building operation and maintenance, who wish to broaden their knowledge of the total building system.

Incentive: $740 (additional E Pro incentive: $250)

Course provider: Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET).

Certified Energy Auditor

The Certified Energy Auditor (CEATM) certification targets professionals with the knowledge and experience required to succeed in the growing field of energy auditing. This three-day training is designed to expand participant knowledge in energy auditing as well as serve as a preparatory vehicle for the examination required to achieve the AEE’s CEATM credential. It provides the fundamental knowledge needed to evaluate how energy is being used in a facility and identify where consumption can be reduced. Additionally, it covers useful calculation methods and practical examples. The examination is administered on the morning of the day following training.

This program is available to energy engineers and consultants, current energy auditors seeking certification, new energy auditors, plant and facility engineers, energy managers, ESCO professionals, energy performance contracting professionals, organisations considering energy projects and instructors teaching energy analysis.

Incentive: $630 (additional E Pro incentive: $210)

Course provider: Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET).

Please note there are additional course eligibility requirements for this course, please refer to the course eligibility requirements here.

Certified Energy Manager (CEM) Training

The Certified Energy Manager (CEM®) certification is the most recognized designation in energy management providing a wide range of benefits to help you thrive in your occupation. This five-day program covers the technical, economic and regulatory aspects of energy management as well as the latest energy cost reduction techniques and strategies. The program offers a discussion and problem-solving forum, preparation tailored for the CEM®.

This program is available to energy management professionals, project engineers, energy managers from the industrial, building and public services sector and service providers with a combination of a relevant degree and experience.

Incentive: $940 (additional E Pro incentive: $320)

Course provider: Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET).

Please note there are additional course eligibility requirements for this course, please refer to the additional requirements here.

Specialization Courses

Gain specialized knowledge around a specific topic to become an energy efficiency champion in your field.

Advanced Heat Recovery and Industrial Energy Efficiency

Learn how to reduce energy consumption in complex, energy-hungry industrial plants by 10 to 30% using NRCan’s free INTEGRATION software to identify proven and practical techniques. This course for engineers and plant managers, developed by Natural Resources Canada, provides the theory and tools necessary to identify advanced heat recovery and industrial energy efficiency savings beyond what would be turned up in a plant audit. You’ll learn to identify cost-effective heat recovery opportunities using pinch analysis; the course also covers optimization of and heat recovery from steam, refrigeration, and compressed gas systems.

Incentive: $270 (additional E Pro incentive: $130)

Course provider: RER Energy Inc. and Process Ecology

Clean Energy Project Analysis with RETScreen Expert

RETScreen Expert is the latest version of the leading clean energy decisions support software from Natural Resources Canada. Using this software, building/facility operators, equipment/service providers, and clean energy proponents will learn:

  • More about the capabilities and costs of clean energy technologies ranging from solar photovoltaics through efficient building technologies.
  • How to do a solid financial analysis of a proposed clean energy project, including sensitivity and risk analysis
  • How to determine the most cost-effective clean energy options
  • How to track ongoing energy consumption or production for a building, industrial operation, or green power project, using linear regression, CUSUM, and measurement and verification techniques
  • How to follow the performance of a portfolio of facilities

Participants will receive a 3-month subscription to RETScreen Expert, worth $225, and use the software to work through a half-dozen case studies related to solar photovoltaics, combined heat and power, building envelope, lighting, variable speed drives, pumps, and other clean energy technologies, selected based on participant interest.

Incentive: $150 (additional E Pro incentive: $80)

Course provider: RER Energy Inc.


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